Today’s Destiny (TD) is a black female owned business venture which was established eight years ago, with the main intention of becoming a major player in the Learning and Development space, to close existing gaps in this area and to empower the economically active majority who find themselves lacking the required skills needed to propel them to the required levels.  Since inception, we remain committed to upholding high standards in our service delivery to our clients. Our outputs are based on sound principles and work ethics. We pride ourselves for only using the best resources who continuously strive to consistently achieve excellence.

As a country South Africa is in dire needs of relevant, effective and effective Talent Management strategies that are relevant to the 21st century era. It is for this reason that Today’s Destiny’s vision and objectives to equip the workforce with the relevant skills have become a critical necessity. We are a highly competent level 1 B-BBEE company with lots of passion and pride in what we do.


 We offer end to end learning and development solutions that close the gap in the people development arena to allow organisations to achieve their highest performance. 

  • We re-engineer mindsets – create Mind shifters and Change makers with our programs
  • We offer contextualized leadership programs required to win in the New business world (the VUCA world)
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to co-create intervention programs, customised to meet the specific needs of the people in an organization
  • We help sharpen leadership skills and unlock potential in individuals so that they can deliver value to the organisation
  • We bring cultural transformation and new approach to leadership (ownership, diversity, inclusion and empowerment)
  • We challenge current thinking and re-create business models to take your organisation to the next level and expand to new business opportunities
  • Using our strength-based assessment tools, we help employees achieve self-mastery skills
  • We craft innovative customised solutions suitable for our clients
  • We facilitate strategy unpacking and cascading to achieve optimal execution
  • We manage and execute projects that support your strategic and operational imperatives
  • With our intervention programs we boost functional and personal competencies
  • We ignite employees’ passion to serve customers with excellence and grow your market share

What makes us succeed?

 We use qualified top-class facilitators, some of whom are Professors who have a full understanding of Global, African and South African context and able to link strategy with culture and its relevance and impact

  • We make it our business to understand the unique complexities and challenges of your business
  • We bring our passion to take your company to renewed levels of commitment to implement your strategic intent
  • We transform your workforce to start believing in a performance culture that is built on servant leadership, promoting customer centricity whilst applying Self-Mastery management skills to maximise their own strengths
  • We promote collective intelligence
  • The solutions we co-create are always relevant and unique to the specific client and never a “fit for all”
  • We form strong relationships with our clients, which enables us to walk the journey with them, ensuring they achieve the required goals


Our core business is to develop and implement effective and relevant learning strategies befitting the 21st century whilst empowering “the Nation” through using modern techniques e.g. Leadership Training and Development, Developing Learning Management Systems and e-learning solutions for organisations. We enhance Human Development through education, research & social facilitation, applying both face to face and on – line techniques.

Our products are designed to benefit Corporates and other Learning Institutions as well as schools and home environment to support and enhance staff performance and subsequently increase productivity and customer satisfactions.

We also enable Corporates to meet their CSI initiatives and make good deeds for the previously disadvantaged communities, using our dynamic e-learning school solutions to support learners in such areas. This also create opportunities for these corporates to identify and develop future talent.

Our Vision

Become the most competent organisation promoting the drive for “Nation Building” through Innovation and Leadership Development relevant to the 21st century.

Our Goals and Mission

To help develop an innovative global thinking workforce through our dynamic training and coaching programs that are contextualized to meet current environmental business needs and help organisations succeed and win in the VUCA world and to assist a good number of Corporates and Learning Institutions to effectively implement e-Learning tools and Learning Management Systems in their learning and development environment. We transform talent into performance for organisations by igniting employees ’passion to serve customers with excellence.

Transform organisations from traditional training delivery  methods to using new and innovative online platforms.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Today’s Destiny office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.