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Companies across the globe are busy applying AI technologies to transform their business in ways not seen since the Industrial Revolution wave hit us, fundamentally re-inventing how they run, compete and thrive.

In South Africa most companies find themselves encumbered by legacy technologies and systems, outdated business models and corporate structures, as well as workforce that is not well equipped/ready for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution that is already underway across the globe. South Africans like many workers in other countries, are concerned that AI will eliminate their jobs and even worsen existing income inequalities. While many South African organisations have begun to embrace the potential of AI, more work remains.

The ability to adapt and change rapidly in response to AI requires a high degree of organisational agility. AI introduces an era wherein humans work with machines to do their jobs better, create greater efficiencies, improve customer service and in the process drive economic growth. Companies willing to disrupt themselves to meet emerging capabilities such as AI and machine learning head on, especially those who are serious about incorporating AI as an integral part of their business strategy will experience increased competitiveness and come out being better prepared for the rapid future changes.

To participate in a digital future, business transformation is critical and increasingly urgent. Therefore, a strategic approach is essential. In order to help businesses, map the way forward, TD has partnered with renowned global players to provide insight into digital technologies and the future of business, especially taking into consideration the ever-critical Customer Engagement aspect and the positive impact AI has for this.

We use seamless AI and agent chat bot support tools to deliver more immediate, proactive, and personalized customer engagement solutions that help customers grow their businesses and solve problems faster.

The bottom line is, customer experience can make or break your business.

Our B360ai chat bot support tool will help you:

  • Differentiate your business with Customer Experience – especially in the call centre space
  • Create consistent customer experiences
  • Deliver better customer outcomes
  • Ensure everything is up and running within eight weeks

Our AI platform does not need complicated coding, it is a plugin and go system. The system will work and synchronise with any systems in your organisation, pulling data from any platform that you link it to.

B360ai is a complete Customer Engagement Solution, delivering rich, personalized experience by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning.

Consumers have the freedom to choose their preferred touch-points to interact with the brand. This can be through the web, mobile app, any messaging platform, Skype for business, Slack, social media such as FB messenger and speech. We provide a real time dashboard with actionable insights that allow the brand to optimize the customer journey and improve the experience.

Our B360 solution provides harmony between the bot and the agent – AI, a live chat and a Knowledge Base in a single product.

Typical benefits that our customers are experiencing:

  • Reduced customer service operational costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved NPS and CSAT
  • Improved online conversion rates which obviously impact sales
  • B360ai provides a complete harmony between the bot and the agent (AI and live chat in a single product)
  • With B360ai, we harness AI to help human agents – either to get the right info much faster (over use of scripts), or for executing repetitive task,

Today’s customers, mostly consisting of Generation C are more knowledgeable, with high expectations on how they should be served. This has put so much pressure on businesses, forcing them to re-think their way of doing business and in most instances compelling them to re-invent and re-model their processes in order to increase rates of retention and acquisition.

Our customer engagement tool is designed specifically to address this customer experience need and will help you boost your business.

Our team of experts is always on standby for you, ready to help you transform your business to accommodate this new wave. Let us help you mobilise your workforce to carry your vision. Our digitization strategies will help your organization win and succeed in this era. With our interventions we help organisations become more cost effective and maximize profits.