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Every Company is Different

At TD e-learning solutions, we understand that companies’ needs vary widely, and that no two companies are alike. We set our e-learning software up based on your needs and requirements, creating a deployment unique for you whilst at the same time making sure that we give our customers the best value for money.

For this reason, we have worked to ensure that TD LMS serves as a fully customisable learning management system, which can be tailor-made to fit your exact business needs.


We work closely with your company to identify your requirements, from the number of users, to how you want your branding set up, to whether you want your custom LMS to integrate with popular applications to push it up a notch.


The key to our approach is flexibility. We want to understand you and show you how your custom learning management system can be shaped to your needs, and how custom eLearning can be the key to unlocking the potential of your staff and stakeholders.

Learning Paths

With TD solutions, LMS instructors can create learning paths that can be personalised for each learner. This way the course material is relevant to each learner and they don’t waste time on things which don’t apply to them.

Badges and Certifications

With our LMS solutions your own custom badges can be easily uploaded so that rewards for hard work or achievement are personalised. Likewise, company certifications can be customised to include your branding.


We supercharge learner engagement with eLearning Gamification. This we use to engage and motivate learners, reward performance and improve communications across your organisation. Using mini-games, points, badges and rewards will make e-Learning fun while providing learners with a great learning experience

TD LMS Blended Learning

In order to cater for our varied customer needs we also entice our clients by providing them with our blended learning approach.

Our LMS Blended learning brings together the best of both classroom learning and eLearning. We combine the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of online education. With our LMS learners can access high-quality course materials, course calendars and assignments at any time they wish.

Benefits of Blended Learning

These are some of the benefits derived from using this approach:

  • Better Reinforcement that takes both online and traditional classes, learn better, mainly because they reinforce the knowledge they learn in the classroom with the information they get in the online course, or vice versa.
  • Easy Update System
    All the existing content from online classes and databases of students can be easily updated on the system, the instructor just needs to upload the new course, test, document, video, audio, or other, in few minutes.
  • Increased Flexibility
    With our systems students can progress at their own pace that suits their needs. We also enable them to watch videos, listen to audios, read e-books, browse Internet pages, and check out more content related to what they learnt in their classes.
  • Costs and Time Savings
    Through using our system, students, trainers and managers of your organisation, will optimise the use of their time and money, since they decrease travelling inside and outside the cities in pursuit of training.
  • Increased Coverage As a result of using our blended approach, your organisation will be able to attend a larger number of students or employees, thus saving time, money and effort. The traditional learning is limited to a 100% face-to-face meetings, which is very time-consuming. Recording a video of the general steps for one of your general procedures, will help prevent the need for you to repeat the process hundreds of times.
  • Higher level of Interaction
    Our learning management systems (LMS) allows students or employees of your organisation to easily share information using chat applications, forums, private and public access areas, emails, social network apps, and many more sophisticated ways.

Mobile Learning

We offer training at your convenience. To make our system even more attractive we provide mobile learning. This enables learners to access our system anytime, anywhere and on any device. Full access to all the LMS features on mobile devices. Learners, educators and clients can easily access their training from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Advanced Reporting

We use an advanced reporting tool that is very powerful and fully integrated into the LMS. We produce dashboard reports that enable you to track and analyse the performance of each and every learning activity. These can be download as an excel, word and/or PDF file.

Scorm / AICC

Our Learning Management System is not only SCORM / AICC compliant, but also supports other authoring tools. It doesn’t matter what authoring tool you are using (Articulate, Captivate, etc.) – your content will load smoothly!

Learning Paths

We provide role-based learning paths for all levels of users and create curriculum plan for learners to follow. Also, we select courses and arrange them in sequence to enhance employee and trainee learning. Learning Paths allow you to create a sequence order for a list of courses or materials and then assign this to a selected learner or learner group.

Performance Management

Set objectives, assess progress and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to your employees and trainees. Paradiso LMS Performance Management allows you to help your employees meet their objectives and career goals. LMS Performance management lets you carry out appraisals, competency-based learning, 360-degree reviews and much more!


Our LMS gives the best value for your money. We set our eLearning software up based on your needs and requirements, creating a deployment unique for you.

That’s the main reason why we don’t have pricing catalogues – it depends on what you want.

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