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Getting the best from talented people begins with a well-crafted recruitment strategy, to attract individuals with the capacity for success.  It also requires the proper assessment and selection methodologies, along with effective solutions to engage, develop and retain people, whilst also taking into consideration the current Labour Relations requirements. TD assists clients achieve all of this and more, through specialised professional staffing and talent management consulting strategies.

Our strong capability to deliver and perform better is backed by the highly valued national Apso and SETA     accreditations we hold, which enables us to operate efficiently and effectively in this space.

We offer talent acquisition services for temporal, contract and permanent placements.

At TD we recruit individuals who not only meet the technical requirements of a position but equally as important, add to the unique culture and energy that surrounds it.

We focus on business solutions that are simple to implement and monitor.

Our success is strengthened by the following factors:

  • We are affiliated with job search organisations like indeed hire, careers24 who supplement our database of professionals (CVs). This allows us to swiftly attend to recruitment requirements without compromising on quality of the candidates. Candidates that are ultimately referred, go through intense and extensive interviews with us for profiling purposes.
  • Checks & Eligibility – we conduct various key checks to determine the suitability, reliability and eligibility of the candidates recommended. Our Pre-employment checks include but not limited to, Criminal checks, Academic qualifications, Reference checks, Credit records, Employee records.
  • Profiling Candidates – We refer candidates that are profiled holistically, enabling our clients to have a detailed overview of their strengths, areas of development and any other additional areas that need noting.
  • Partnership Approach – Our approach of partnering with our clients yields more than a transactional relationship as we ensure that all our candidates are effectively oriented and informed accordingly to provide incremental value add to our clients.
  • We position ourselves to become an essential component of our client’s business, going an extra mile and complying the most suitable and relevant employment contracts that are drafted in compliance with South African labour laws and in accordance with our client’s specific requirements and internal policies.
  • Continuous Improvement – We endeavour to continue improving our services to the client through research and development, constant engagement with our clients and embracing positive changes on trends in the recruitment fraternity.

We also offer employment outsourcing to local and international companies that may be faced with the complexities of housing internal employees. Our solution allows organisations to quickly establish local teams in South Africa, through either temporal employment solutions or permanent solutions.

This model (employment outsourcing) is most suitable for international organisations with minimal investment to operate without incurring traditional costs of incorporating a local entity, since their employees can be employed through us for as long as it takes.

For local organisations, we offer attractive contracts that enable companies to have resources of their choice timely, without having to worry about HR administrative functions as we absorb all these on their behalf.

Our solutions make it possible for organisations to focus on their core businesses whilst letting them outsource the hire, employment and payroll functions to us. Another benefit for our customers is that we allow them to select their preferred services of packages from our basket of service offering. We understand that every organisation is unique and have built our operating models around this concept.

Benefits derived from using our Employment Outsourcing Solutions:

  • We provide local employment contracts to your employees in the country of assignment.
  • Your staff will be hired by us and be subcontracted to your project.
  • The local employment contract is drafted in compliance with South African labour laws, enabling our clients to meet compliance requirements.
  • The employment contracts provided are governed by the South African legislation, taking into consideration all the applicable rules and procedures in terms of minimum salary, probation periods, notice periods, leave pay policies, termination policies, severance pay and other outsourced functions as applicable as well as other regulatory policy requirements that have to be incorporated for employment contracts in the country.
  • We provide contracts tailor made to meet our clients ‘specific requirements and internal policies.
  • The governed by the employment contract will be South African legislation, but not limited to, all the applicable rules and procedures in terms of minimum salary, probation period, notice period, leave pay, termination, severance pay and other outsourced functions as applicable.
  • The employment outsourcing solution includes all the features of the outsourced functions

Our Value – Add to your organisation:

  • Cost Savings – avoid using over qualified people in your organisation to do admin.
  • Improved cost management for your business – avoid losing money on non-billables.
  • Most functions in HR can be executed on a part time basis – avoid paying full time salary for part time work.
  • Flexibility to assess the resource before fully committing to permanent placements. It is more expensive to manage non-performing employees.
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